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American Fire Sprinkler Association - Connecticut Chapter


The Connecticut Chapeter of the American Fire Sprinkler Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the public awareness of fire safety and the need of residential and commercial fire sprinkler systems, consulting with the legislature to improve upon or enact new fire sprinkler regulations, and creating a network of contractors and their employees to develop and promote fair and amicable business practices.
For centuries, fire-fighting was done with pails of water and hose streams. This proved to be ineffective unless the fire was discovered early. Early versions of the spinkler system began to appear in the late 1800's. These systems consisted of a network of perforated piping installed at the ceiling. Water flow was controlled with a valve. When a fire was discovered, the valve was opened, releasing the water.
Modern systems operate automatically. They utilize the sprinkler heads located to maximize coverage. The heads consist of a heat sensitive soldered fusible link or glass bulb that hodls back water discharge. Heat from a fire melts the solder or bursts the bulb, allowing water to flow.
Today, sprinklers are availabkle in various size, shapes and colors. They can be concealed recessed or installed along sidewalls to create a more aesthetic appearance while maintaining maximum functionality.
Current Membership:

A.L Fire Protections LLC
American Piping of Connecticut Inc
Central Connecticut Fire Protection Inc
Cintas Fire Protection
Connecticut Fire Protection and Sprinkler Co
Crest Mechanical Services Inc
Encore Holdings LLC dba Allstate Fire Systems

Firestop Inc
Hart Plumbing of Connecticut Inc
HHS Mechanical Contractors Inc
Interstate Welding & Mechanical
K&B Fire Protection
NRL Fire Protection Services, Inc
P & J Spinkler Company Inc
Red Hawk Fire & Security
SimplexGrinnell LP

Standard Sprinkler Corp
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